Seismic Surveys is the industry leader in monitoring vibration, noise, and structural impact for construction, transportation, mining, and sensitive structures.

Pre-Construction Survey - Handsome Dan

Pre- and Post-Condition Surveys

Pre- and post-condition survey documentation of surrounding structures and adjacent properties.

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Marketing Attended Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

Monitoring ground vibrations from blasting and other heavy construction sources to support project success in congested areas.

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Noise Monitoring - Web

Noise Monitoring

Providing valuable data to address noise complaints and ensure compliance with health and safety noise exposure limits.

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Blast Audits

Blast Plan Review & Monitor Plan Development

Estimating the effects of blast and construction vibration and noise and developing plans to monitor and control these effects.

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Geotechnical and Structural Movement Monitoring

Geotechnical and Movement Monitoring

Monitoring groundwater, vibration, and structural movement to identify cost-effective solutions and mitigate potential project delays.

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Damage Claim Support

Credible expert support in addressing vibration complaints, allegations of damage, and expert testimony if a claim leads to litigation.

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