Transportation Vibration and Noise Monitoring
for Bridges & Roadways

Seismic Surveys monitors transportation noise and vibration around future or existing communities, structures, or sensitive equipment. Our monitoring system includes sensors that measure the vibrations caused by passing traffic, providing insight into changes in frequency or amplitude that could impact future or existing communities.


We also monitor traffic vibrations to help assess the structural health of bridges and roadways. With continual measurement using our state-of-the-art technology, you can see how your structure performs as vehicle load, temperature, wind, and other environmental factors change.

Why Is Vibration Analysis Important in Transportation?

Traffic vibration monitoring helps assess the structural health of bridges. This data can help projects qualify for federal funding through bridge repair and rehabilitation through programs like the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.


In the United States, the current health of bridges can be described as mixed. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, approximately 20% of the country’s bridges are structurally deficient, meaning they require significant repairs or even replacement. This is a concerning statistic as bridges are crucial for transportation infrastructure and public safety. Investments in bridge infrastructure are essential for strategic planning and safety.


With traffic vibration monitoring by Seismic Surveys, engineers and inspectors can identify potential structural issues before they become severe enough to require costly repairs or even lead to failure. In addition, you can use the data we collect to make informed decisions about maintenance and repair strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of previous repair or maintenance work.


Noise and vibration are sometimes among the major concerns regarding the effects of a transit project on the surrounding community and are key elements of the environmental impact assessment process for public transportation projects. A transit system is often placed near population centers out of necessity and may cause noise and vibration at nearby existing or future residences and other sensitive types of land use.

Vehicular Traffic Vibration
Vehicular Traffic Vibration
Vehicular Traffic Vibration

Decades of Transportation Experience

Seismic Surveys has decades of experience in vibration monitoring and structural health analysis. Our engineers have the professionalism and expertise to work alongside your team to implement the right traffic vibration monitoring solution based on your goals. We have been the industry leader in equipment and service quality for decades.



Who We Serve

We provide geotechnical and structure movement monitoring services for:

Civil Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring for civil construction projects to document effects transmitted to nearby structures.

Sensitive Structures

Vibration and noise monitoring for demolition, construction, and renovations in and around vibration-sensitive structures.

Marine Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring to document effects on third-party structures, people, and marine life.


Traffic vibration monitoring to assess the structural health of bridges and roadways and identify structural changes.


Vibration and overpressure monitoring for mining to document compliance and protect nearby structures.


Vibration and Noise Monitoring capturing and documenting the effects of vibrations generated during demolition processes.

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