Seismic Surveys specializes in comprehensive monitoring of vibrations resulting from demolition activities. Our advanced monitoring systems are equipped with cutting-edge sensors designed to precisely measure both noise and vibrations generated during demolition processes. Whether it’s mechanical demolition, implosion, or other related activities, our state-of-the-art technology allows us to capture and document the effects transmitted to nearby structures. By continuously monitoring these parameters, our clients gain valuable insights to optimize their demolition operations and ensure compliance with accepted safe industry standards. In the event of any community concerns or neighboring inquiries, the collected data serves as a robust defense against unwarranted claims, providing a transparent and accountable approach to addressing potential issues.

Why Is Vibration and Noise Monitoring Crucial For Demolition?

Demolition projects involve the dismantling or destruction of structures, and the associated vibrations and noise can impact neighboring properties. Examples of such projects include:

By monitoring and controlling vibration and noise levels within accepted safe limits during demolition activities, contractors can mitigate the risk of neighbor complaints and unwarranted claims. Even when vibrations and noise are within safe limits, collecting data at neighboring properties before and during demolition serves as a vital tool to proactively address neighbor concerns.

Market Square Arena Implosion
Brach's Admin Building Demolition
Blast Audits
Veterans Stadium Square

Decades of Experience In Demolition Monitoring

Seismic Surveys boasts extensive experience in vibration and noise monitoring for demolition projects. Our team of seasoned engineers and geologists is dedicated to collaborating with your project team to implement tailored solutions that align with your demolition goals. As an industry leader for many years, we take pride in delivering top-notch equipment and service quality to ensure the success and safety of your demolition endeavors.

Who We Serve

We provide geotechnical and structure movement monitoring services for:

Civil Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring for civil construction projects to document effects transmitted to nearby structures.

Sensitive Structures

Vibration and noise monitoring for demolition, construction, and renovations in and around vibration-sensitive structures.

Marine Construction

Vibration and noise monitoring to document effects on third-party structures, people, and marine life.


Traffic vibration monitoring to assess the structural health of bridges and roadways and identify structural changes.


Vibration and overpressure monitoring for mining to document compliance and protect nearby structures.


Vibration and Noise Monitoring capturing and documenting the effects of vibrations generated during demolition processes.

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Monitoring vibration and noise is an essential aspect of working around sensitive structures.
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